Are You Ready to Start Feeling Good Again?

The Excel CBD Patch - Better Than Oil!

With 20 Mg of Pure “Nano-Enhanced” CBD

  • Better Than Oils and Balms
  • Absorbs Up to 10X Faster with No Mess or Smell
  • Ultra-Fast Uptake into Your Body
  • Unparalleled Bio Availability
  • Attractive Ultra-thin Adhesive Backed Patch
  • Long Lasting – Up to 24 Hours

Available in 2 pack, 8 pack and 24 pack
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

“Nano Enhanced" means that the CBD is run through a special laboratory process to produce particle sizes less than 100 nm (that’s 100 billionths of a meter). This allows for ultra-rapid uptake into your body, and unparalleled bio-availability.

Basically, you are getting very, very, very tiny particles of CBD that can absorb up to 10X more effectively than the typical oils and balms that you see in the marketplace today.

The attractive, ultra-thin patch can be applied directly to a sore spot or any part of your body for fast and effective CBD right on point, while providing ongoing delivery of bio-available CBD throughout the rest of your body’s Endocannabinoid System to help keep it in balance for up to 24 hours.

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